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Frog Blast 青蛙祖玛 -Zumar's Revenge Classic Bubble Shooter!

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    A frog called " Zumar" is on the road of revenge.

    Frog Blast belongs to the family of casual games for a wide range of users. The meaning of the game is to prevent the penetration of balls of different colors into the Black skull.

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    These balls are steadily moving in its direction along a spiral trajectory. The balls are destroyed by other balls of different colors that are emitted from the Frog, located in the central part of the playing field. Thus, to attack you need to shoot the ball of the same color into the group of at least two same colored balls. Otherwise, the impact ball is stuck in a spiral. During the game you need to destroy as many balls as possible, to collect the maximum of gold coins and various bonuses, and, of course, to prevent the penetration of the balls into the skull.
    The Frog is, in fact, the main hero of the game. Thanks to your efforts it accurately attacks the groups of moving balls.
    The game has many levels. Each of them is given specific time.Having fun more than classic match 3 games.
    How to play
    1.Tap screen where you want to shoot marbles.
    2.match 3 or more same color marbles to make blast.

    3.Swap the shooting ball by touching the emitter.

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